Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pinoy Tawag Coverage Plus is a premium Unlimited Calling Plan to the Philippines with the widest service coverage nationwide. You can reach your relatives in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao,through a specially programmed PLDT Wireless Landline.

Enjoy the following benefits of Pinoy Tawag Coverage Plus:
  • Unlimited Calling to the Philippines. Anytime, All the Time.
  • Widest & Most Reliable Philippine Coverage. Works in Metro Manila, Luzon,Visayas, Mindanao. Network services in the Philippines provided by PLDT.
  • Save Money by paying one low, flat monthly fee.
  • No need to change your long-distance carrier.
  • No need for special equipment, computers or internet.
  • No Contract • No lock-in Period
  • Cancel Anytime • No Penalty for early termination

Ito ang Usapang Walang Sawa
Call All You Want...
Call Anytime!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Unlimited calls to the Philippines

For Filipinos living in the U.S and Canada, the need to communicate with friends and family back home has grown tremendously.Most callers utilized direct calling through their local service providers until, in the early 90’s, the use of prepaid calling cards became more popular with the deep discounted rates provided by companies buying bulk from the bigger telecommunications carriers. With this growth came the development of Voice-Over-the-Internet (VOIP). Compared to the traditional telephone lines, voice calls are now transmitted over the public internet. This technology has led to an almost zero cost of transmitting voice and data practically anywhere, where there is internet. Almost overnight, wide acceptance VOIP grew worldwide.

Established in February 1994,
Cristel Telecom, LLC puts to work VoIP and other Internet technology to keep Filipino families in touch with each other across the world. With the recent acquisition of Asia Telephonics, a duly licensed value added services company in the Philippines, Cristel just changed the way Filipinos call home: UNLIMITED CALLING for an extremely low, flat monthly fee!
By building a private voice and data network between North America and the Philippines, Cristel allows callers from the U.S and Canada to dial into a local number where they are. The call is then forwarded to Cristel’s central hub in the U.S., where the call is processed and sent to the Philippines through its International Gateway Facility and from there, directly to your party’s telephone unit throughout the Philippines, all within a few milliseconds. All voice calls stay on direct route to the Philippines under one controlled network which equates to as-good-as-fiber-optic quality.

Call Anytime, All the Time, All you Want.
Cristel and Asia Telephonics launched this new service at the Phil-Am Expo as
PINOY TAWAG UNLIMITED. This is the only international calling plan where one does not have to worry about how long he/she has to be on the phone. For $39.95, the subscriber can pick up any phone (home phone cell phone, pay phone, work phone), dial a local number which will instantaneously ring to your Philippine party’s handset. Talk for hours today, hang up and do the same thing all over again the following day, everyday, any day!
No internet or computer required, No pin numbers to enter and no long term contracts.
Simply Call Anytime, All the Time, All you Want!